August 15, 2018

A Free Code Track

One thing I have learned while researching coding courses is there is an abundant of information available. There also happens to be some healthy places to learn coding if you are having to take the low cost, or free, track. And when I write healthy, I mean places that truly give you a decent curriculum to learn on your own. One such place is Free Code Camp.

Free Code Camp has been around a lot longer than I have been learning to code, but one thing I can say is I have found it to be a community-based learning option with solid support for learning in a free environment. Of course there are going to be some personal drawbacks for individuals, however, I haven’t really found one for me. Simple, straight-forward curriculum that gives you a direct path of information noting what to follow and where you will end.

I haven’t had to use the forum much since beginning FCC, however, I find it to be set-up pretty clean and easy to navigate. This is definitely a plus as I am pretty sure that I will be utilizing the forum a ton coming up with several projects to complete. I will update here once I’ve had to use it more.

Like I said, FCC has been around for a hot minute, so if you haven’t checked it out for free coding tolls and resources, yet, then what are you waiting for?


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